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AC Repair and Replacement

Voltach Air Conditioning and Heating delivers experienced and reliable service for all your Heater / AC repair and replacement needs. Owned and operated locally, our team of technicians are factory trained, but, also bring their years of experience to every house call.  Our professionals will be working to get your system blowing cold and efficiently again.  We support most brands and carry many of the common parts that need replacing to every visit.  Call now to schedule an appointment at 480-648-5151.

Home Air Conditioning
The Arizona heat causes your home air conditioner to run frequently and for long periods of time.  With the extended use even newer units can fail.  When this happens you want to bring comfort back to your home as quickly as possible. Our team is here to ensure your system gets back up and running quickly and by a trustworthy company.  We are stocked with many of the most common parts that fail regardless of the manufacture and are partnered with several suppliers to get your unit repaired and your home cooling again.  Our courteous staff will show up promptly and in most cases will be able to isolate the issue and repair on the same visit.


Occasionally, our team may recommend that your system needs to be replaced.   We will work with you to help you understand your options and make informed decisions when this happens.  Our goal is to instill trust and earn your business without pushing any specific brand or system not needed, but, rather to support you in the process.  Because we have relationships with many manufacturers we’ll be able to help you to quickly get answers to your questions while not being bound by a single brand.


Repair or Replacement
Repairing your heat pump or Air Conditioner is our first priority when a system goes down.  For systems that are relatively new there are often parts to repair or replace that will get you back up and running quickly.  For older units parts may be harder to find, but, again when possible we’ll work w/our suppliers to locate the pieces that will enable your air to start blowing cold again.  Sometimes even if we are able to repair the unit, we may still recommend that the unit needs to be replaced.  There could be many reasons we might suggest this option.  The reality is that once fixed there may be other parts of the system that are failing and/or don’t have much life left.  Another consideration is that if the unit is old it may not be energy efficient and with a new unit installed you may save money in the long run.  Today’s AC units use up to 50 percent less energy than many older less efficient ones, while actually cooling your home better.  Finally, because safety is always a concern, our experienced technicians may identify issues w/the system itself that may be a cause of concern for your family.


The decision to replace your system will always be up to the homeowner and we are there to support you in the process.  We will be there every step of the way to help guide you in the process to find the right unit for your home and will make recommendations on the brand and model based off many factors including the cost, size of your home, number of windows existing installation, warranties, and reliability.  Finding the right system for your home is an investment that will provide you with years of service, and we’ll work hard to ensure you are satisfied with your choice.


AC Maintenance


Starting with your air conditioner filters you as the home owner can lower your energy consumption by up to 15 percent by keeping your filter replaced every 30-45 days and preventing the obstruction of air flow.  Next your air conditioner coils collect dirt and debris over time and also prevent efficient air flow and should be cleaned once per year to help avoid this problem.  The third maintenance item is your units coil fins which can become bent for various reasons which can usually be put back in place to allow proper air flow.  Finally, the condensate drains can become clogged which prevents the unit from properly reducing humidity where the excess moisture is then not released and is contained wherever the drain pans are.  When this happens depending on where the drain pan is located you may experience water overflowing the drain pan leaking through your ceiling or where ever your air handlers are located.


Yearly maintenance by our trained technicians will ensure your system is operating efficiently and you’ll be able to avoid excessive wear on your unit, and keep your home cool.




At Voltach Air Conditioning, we partner with many of the top brands in the industry.  Some of the manufacturers we have relationships with are RUUD, Day and Night, Train, Rheem, Goodman, Lennox, Amana, Carrier and many others.  Our trained technicians are ready to install and repair your unit today.